Located in Elk Lake, Ontario Henry Fiset and Sons Ltd is a full service family operated general contractor specializing in heavy equipment contracting & industrial maintenance.  Established  in 1954, Henry Fiset & Sons has over 60 years of experience in the general contracting industry with a proven safety record & quality service.

In the beginning, H. Fiset & Sons was a trucking firm moving lumber throughout the local area & southern Ontario.  In the mid 60's Henry Fiset began logging for local area companies.  Known as a stump to dump contractor, they built their own roads, laid out cut blocks, harvested the wood & delivered it to mills as directed.


Thru the 70's, Henry Fiset & Sons were doing conventional logging, using chainsaws & cable skidders.  During this time, the company employed over 100 people.  By the late 80's the company had moved to full mechanized logging by using feller-bunchers, delimbers & skidders to harvest the trees.  By going mechanized it improved the safety of the workers & also increased production.


For the next 30 years, the company ran a successful logging business until late 2012.  As the lumber industry was down & the mining in the area booming, Henry Fiset & Sons decided to change direction & focus on general contracting including millrighting, road building, winter road maintenance, bridge & culvert installations, equipment repairs & much more.  Following Henry Fiset the company was taken over by his sons Norman, Guy & Roger.  Today the company is run by Normans sons Jerome, Terry & Dennis Fiset & is currently in its 61st year of operation.

Henry Fiset

Norman, Guy & Roger Fiset

Jerome, Terry & Dennis Fiset

Elk Lake, Ontario


Northern Ontario, Temiskaming Shores, Kirkland Lake, Timmins & Surrounding areas



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